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Birth Control Pills, Anti pregnancy pills … all the same name for one purpose… to control pregnancy in women to the moment both partners, man and woman, and mentally, physically and financially ready to give birth to their baby ( son or daughter ) with love and with the purpose to stay together forever! An online pharmacy is a perfect place to order birth control pills online…

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Online Pharmacy

What are the best Birth Control Pills?

Well it is difficult to say what are the best Birth Control Pills, as every woman has its own preference on the type of pregancy pill as every body is different. Some pills work for some people, while other birth control pills are not accepted by the body and give strange and un pleasant side effects. So perhaps better to say, what are the popular birth control pills.

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Here are 4 real popular birth control pills and we will sum them up here:

  1. Levlen – a popular birth control pill for years with popularity all over the world!
  2. Alesse – one of the most effective birth control pills on the market today
  3. Ovral – Ovral (Norgestrel and Ethinyl Oestradiol) is used for fertility control in women and for the control of certain menstrual irregularities

    and last but not least….

  4. Lynoral – Lynoral is one of the most common and most prescribed birth control medications today

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